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Amadeus River Cruises

Amadeus River Cruises is the perfect match for you. You love luxury and glamour, culture, cuisine, and art.  And you enjoy immersing in the full experience of your destinations.

You prefer smaller groups, as you have enough hustle and bustle in your daily life.  And meeting new people is fascinating to you.

From Vineyards to Van Gogh, Chocolate to Cobblestone, and History to Hiking, Europe intrigues you because of it's the rich history and archeological wonders, not to mention the rich flavorful cuisines you can delve into both on and off the ship.

When you're ready to plan your next amazing trip, give me a shout - I'm ready to help you plan.

I look forward to sending you weekly emails (with no spam).

Until next time, stay safe and smile!

P.S. Feel free to email me to chat about your next vacation: Vicky@GottaLuvTravel.com

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