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Retirement Travel

So you're retired - or about to retire.  What next?  More than 50% of people say they want to travel when they retire.  Retirement opens the door for so much more when it comes to travel.  Flexibility, is the single most important part of retirement travel benefits.  When you have the retiree flexibility of less "life constraints" you have more affordable options, seasons, destinations, and experiences at your hand.

Travel is the second most popular thing people said (in a poll) they want to do when they retire.  Second only to spending more time with their grandchildren.  So how about this - combine the two.  Take the grandkids with you when you travel.  Whether it's a cruise, an all-inclusive resort, or a European "get-it-done" trip, the kids will get an education that is second to none.

PRO TIP: Include the grandchildren in the planning.  Have them check out a library book on the destination, then let them pick out two or three things they want to see.  Not only will they enjoy it more, they'll remember it because they picked it out.

Schedule a chat and we talk about where to start in the planning process, and how it works when you collaborate with me.


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