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Château De Versailles Part II

The Château De Versailles, aka the Palace of Versailles, comprises several elements. The Palace, The Estate of Trianon, The Gardens, and The Park. For all the info on the Palace, please refer to Part I. Today we will get into the nitty-gritty of the Estate of Trianon, The Gardens, and the Park.

The Estate of Trianon - A place of intimacy

As you can imagine, etiquette was of utmost importance and one seldom had the time or a place to seek refuge. Thus, construction began on the Estate of Trianon in 1687 under the watchful eye of Louis XIV. The estate is most commonly associated with Marie-Antionette, Louis XVI's wife.

The estate consists of Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon Palaces, the Queen's Hamlet, and ornamental gardens.

Grand Trianon

When the Grand Trianon was built it served as a private residence where Louis XIV could spend time with Madame de Maintenon - who, incidentally served first as governess to Louis XIV's illegitimate children but then later married the king in secret.

The majority of the apartments have retained their original appearance.

Petit Trianon

The Petit Trianon was completed in 1768 and provided Louis XV a place for privacy with his new mistress the Comtesse Du Barry. Upon his death in 1774 the Petit Trianon was given as a gift from Louis XVI to Marie-Antoinette, and she became quite attached to the estate.

The Temple of Love
The Temple of Love

The Queen's Hamlet

Within the Trianon Gardens sits the Queen's Hamlet. Composed of 10 rustic buildings set around a lake. Building began in 1783 when Queen Marie-Antoinette decided to extend the Trianon gardens. Going back to nature was a popular trend at the end of the 18th century, and that's the style she desired.

The main part of the Hamlet was reserved for the Queen's personal use.

The extension consisted of a mill, guard house, barn, and working dairy. The most integral people lived here, including the head gardener and the guard for the Queen.

Today, the farm and gardens are active farming and gardening lands.

Just for kicks, I decided to put this picture in....I was fantasizing that I was Marie-Antoinette.

When you're ready to see this amazing place and pretend to be a Queen or King, let's plan a trip. Combine this with Paris and you've got a dream come true!

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