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Cuisine Française (French Cuisine)

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Have you tried French food? No, French fries do not count.... Whether you have or not, envision this experience in Paris:

So you're walking down the streets of Paris, bakeries right and left, the smell of sweet perfume and croissants galore. What a beautiful way to start your day. You give in and partake in a hot buttery croissant and a steaming hot cup of café allong (aka Cafe Americano; espresso and hot water).

Instantly, you can't help but wonder what dinner will be like, because you are a travel foodie, and you've wanted nothing more than to experience as much of the cuisine in Paris as you can - and eat what the locals eat - after all, aren't those always the best places to go? Where do the locals go?

Welcome to Paris. Did you know that Paris is the Michelin Star capital of the world? Where can you enjoy exquisite dishes at three Michelin Star Restaurants? Well, get ready for a private Parisian gastronomy experience like no other!

On this foodie tour, you'll stop at a French bistro-style restaurant run by amazing chefs! You'll enjoy dishes paired with French wine, and you'll leave there feeling like a true Parisian.

Continue for your next two courses at Le Violon d’Ingres, owned by world-renowned star chef Christian Constant. Mr. Constant is simply a culinary genius who owns six restaurants each famous for unique style and extraordinary flavors.

Then it’s on to the 2 Michelin Starred Paris Ritz Hotel. Here you’ll round off your Michelin Tour with a beautifully refined dessert. Crafted by Francois Perre, a specialist in the art of pastry making, and in whose words invents “desserts that spark astonishment and create desire.” Enjoy!

A private tour is led by the best local guides who all understand and appreciate exclusive French cuisine. Let your private host guide you from one special dining location to another while sharing insights about the French food culture and personal fun anecdotes. You’ll discover much more than the fabulous tastes of Michelin starred recipes while strolling the picturesque streets with a local!

Now, just a few of the items I tried while in Paris. Isn't that a fancy ham and cheese crescent? And the Crème Brûlée was amazing!

If you'd like to chat about a private food tour - in any location - just schedule a chat - call, email, or DM me today.

(801) 699-5836

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