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From Château to Champagne: 10 Charms of a Seine River Cruise

Paris, the City of Lights: A Seine cruise isn't just a river journey; it's a golden ticket to the radiant city of Paris. Be it day or night, the Eiffel Tower's majesty reflected in the glistening river is nothing less than magic. It's like watching a constellation of stars gently descend and embrace the river. Unleashing the inner romantic in you is as guaranteed as the city's charm.

Normandy Beach: As your river cruise navigates the Seine, you'll find Normandy Beach waiting with open arms. With the echoes of World War II still resonating, the place whispers tales of unmatched bravery. But, it’s not all about the past; the golden sand, the cerulean sky, and the serene waters demand attention too. The perfect balance of history and leisure if you ask me.

Monet’s Gardens: If art and nature captivate you, Monet’s Gardens in Giverny are the perfect dock. Imagine a world where colors bloom, and rainbows take root. The gardens are an artist's paradise and nature enthusiast’s daydream. One visit, and you'll find that you have walked right into a painting woven with violets, blues, pinks, and yellows… you'll simply lose count!

Chateau Gaillard: If medieval allure is your treasure, Chateau Gaillard is your X on the map. Once standing as King Richard's sturdy fortress, it’s now a blooming host to the lap of nature. The silvery river flowing lazily adds to the picturesque setting, painting a sight your eyes will remember long after the cruise.

The Wine: A savoring sip of your wine while cruising the Seine – if that doesn't spell grace, I don't know what does. You'll flirt with regions such as Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, and you’ll be charmed, and deeply in love. Learn, sip, savor. Wine not?

River Locks: How about a fun water ride minus the gears? The river locks of Seine are thrill and art packaged together. Watch as your boat quietly rises with the lock-filling it's engineering at its smoothest and slickest!

Versailles Palace: The magnanimity of the Versailles Palace quadruples when viewed from the Seine. Its intricate architecture and grand past is a journey down time. As your cruise docks at Versailles, discover royal tales impressed upon every stone of the palace.  Once you’ve have a chance to visit the Palace of Versailles, and hear the story, I challenge you to plan your next river cruise on the Danube so you can have the opportunity to visit the Schönbrunn Palace, which is modeled after the Palace of Versailles.

Now, are you convinced why the Seine cruise is the adventure of a lifetime? C'est la vie- That's life. A life of rich experiences and newer horizons, garnished with a slice of French life. Convinced yet? I thought so!

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