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Rüdesheim am Rhein -

Updated: Jun 12

Rüdesheim is a winemaking town in the Rhine River Gorge, and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although it's commonly referred to as simply Rüdesheim, it's offical name is Rüdesheim am Rhein. The town hosts is wine festival annually, where you can enjoy the cool crisp Riesling of the area (usually around August).

Rüdesheim Germany is one of the most beautiful wine regions in Germany. As you stroll among the half-timbered buildings of the old town, it's very common to see locals gathering about to share their stories of the day. What better place to stop for a Rüdesheim kaffee or a glass of local wine.

So let's talk about a Rüdesheim kaffee - what is it you might ask? Well, let me tell you! One thing it is - delicious and warm (and alcoholic). The intriguing part of a genuine kaffee is that it is flambeéd. Due to the Asbach Uralt Brandy that is one of the ingredients, it lights perfectly (of course the sugar cubes added help). Then the coffee is added, and topped with thin vanilla cream. A perfect fit for a dessert or nightcap. Note the distinct cup it is served in. This cup was designed so the drink could be flambeéd. This is your indication that it is a true Rüdesheim kaffee.

Rüdesheim was first mentioned in history in 864. Half-timber houses, narrow streets, and old inns give the town a medieval character.

The Brömserburg was a castle of the archbishops of Mainz, and was rebuilt as a residence about 1200 and later belonged to the knights of Rüdesheim; It was lived in until about 1937 when it was bought by the town of Rüdesheim. Since 1950 it has housed historical collections and is a wine museum.

Although you can visit Rüdesheim quickly (and I mean quickly) on a Rhine River cruise, you may discover that there just isn't enough time to truly enjoy the beautiful area and what it has to offer. You just might want to have me arrange a tour of Germany (and perhaps add in some France while you're there).

Let me know when you're ready to start planning - it's never too early to plan (or too late) to experience the world your way!

Give me call, DM, PM, email, or schedule a chat.

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