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The Danube River

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

From Germany to Romania, and five countries in between the Danube river flows. In Central and Eastern Europe, you'll find some of the most spectacular landscapes, architecture—castles, churches, and war memorials—as well as some of the most colorful, inviting cultures in the world. But what's the best way to see it all? A river cruise down the Danube River, of course.

Danube river cruises are highly requested itineraries. After all, where else are you going to be able to experience 5 countries in 7 nights? You won't know if it's real or a dream with Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and the Wachau Valley of fairytale cities. Let's just say it's a dream come true.

Let's start with two of the cities you might enjoy in Germany:

Nuremberg, Germany

The journey begins in the beautiful medieval city of Nuremberg, where you'll see the Imperial Castle, the famous town wall, and Market Square's legendary fountain.


Nuremberg Courthouse building where WWII trials took place that uncovered the German leadership that supported the Nazi Party.

There are guided tours of the city's most significant WWII sites for history buffs, including the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds and the Nuremberg Trials Memoriam and Courtroom 600 (if the courtroom is not in session). This is where the German leadership that supported the Nazi Party took place. With 177 defendants, 24 were sentenced to death, 20 to life imprisonment, 98 other prison sentences, and 25 not-guilty verdicts. In early 1950's, many of those prisoned were released due to pardons.


Passau, Germany

You'll soon arrive in Passau, the city of three rivers. The city of Passau sits at the confluence of the Danube, the Itz, and the Inn rivers. Here you'll enjoy a walking tour along cobblestone streets and see Gothic and Italian Baroque architecture as well as St. Stephen's Cathedral. If you're looking to work in a bit of exercise, you can bike along the Danube or hike up to the Veste Oberhaus Fortress.

And don't forget to savor traditional specialties like bratwurst (and some sauerkraut), rotbier (red beer), and lebkuchen (gingerbread).

You can join Gotta Luv Travel on our Explore the Danube river cruise in August, 2023. Just shoot me off an email, text, or DM and I'll provide more info! Or, you can check it out on the destinations page of www.Gottaluvtravel.com.

When you're ready to cruise the Danube, reach out to me and we'll custom design the trip of your dreams. Not only fairytales are true but so are your dreams.

Email me at: Vicky@GottaLuvTravel.com or schedule a chat below.

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