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Life is to be savored–to be soaked up and enjoyed thoroughly. What better way to make the most of life than sharing in the stories and experiences of cultures around the world?


That’s where I come in. Vicky Lopez, travel curator, at your service.


Travel industry veteran? Check.

Service driven professional? Check.

Insatiable travel bug? Check.

Passionate about helping you sidestep potential travel troubles and

navigating a sea of rules and regulations? Triple check.


Just think of me as your ridiculously detail-oriented, organized friend 

who knows all the best places to vacation!

As someone who never stepped foot on a plane before she was 17 years old, I never thought I’d spend my career globe-trotting, much less running my own boutique travel agency. But, after I took that first vacation, I was all in. 


As some of you know, I explored the skies for 25+ years, working for a major airline before shifting my focus to helping kindred spirits, like you, curate your adventures that will last a lifetime.


My clients vary from people wanting to immerse in the culture, cuisine, and experiences of a European country to jet setters basking in the sun atop a luxury river or ocean cruise and everyone in between. 


No matter what experience inspires you, I’m here to walk you through every aspect of your trip. All the fine print, travel regulations, and itinerary-planning that make you cross your eyes and throw your hands up in exasperation­–I love combing through those. 


Whenever and wherever you decide to travel, the only thing you should have to worry about is what to pack and getting to the airport on time.


Where is your next destination calling you? Expand your horizons! Fill out the interest form and relax as your dream vacation floats into reality.

Vicky Lopez 

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