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Enchanting City of Romance


River cruises are a popular option for people who want to experience off the beaten track. Imagine yourself lazily sailing around the meandering paths of the most extraordinarily beautiful river Seine while sitting inside a vessel that defines comfort and luxury.

A cruise along the Seine takes you on a fantastical joyride to cities known and hidden along the riverbank bringing you closer to nature.

Let’s take a deep dive into one of the places that the cruise visits: Paris.

PARIS: The City of Magic and Romance.

Paris is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. The city has an unrivaled allure that makes you giddy with its magical appeal. It is the most captivating mishmash of historical legacy, contemporary fashion, and luscious culinary journey. Paris also has the reputation of being the most romantic city in the world.

Beyond the bedazzled city that many are familiar with, lies a Paris that’s tranquil and calm. The charming cobbled stone streets, the cafes that dot the side streets, and patisseries with the most inviting aromas. Come, explore the many facets that is Paris.

​Paris is synonymous with the Eiffel Tower. The imposing structure, stretching majestically in the skies is the most visited site in the world. Initially built in 1889 as a temporary structure to mark the centenary of the French Revolution, more than 130 years later it is that iconic figure that has put Paris on everyone’s tourism list.

It is the most sought after sight for people who want to profess their love.

Be unadventurous and climb the 700 odd steps or take an elevator to the second floor.

Both ways your eyes are going to get treated to the most spectacular view of France you can ever come across.

Draped in the historical inheritance of Gothic architecture, Notre-Dame Cathedral stands at the very heart of Paris. Founded in 1163 by King Louis IX, the Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

On April 15, 2019, the Cathedral suffered a devastating fire.

Although the building's spire collapsed during the fire, extensive interior damage was prevented due to the vaulted cement ceilings.

On December 25, 2019, the Cathedral did not host Christmas services for

the first time since 1803! It is anticipated the Cathedral will be restored by 2024.

​Lastly, the best part of visiting Paris is to tantalize your taste buds. France is the food capital of the world and Paris wins hands down in the culinary department, Paris is the place where the illustrious Julia Child perfected her art of cooking. Nothing can get classier than a flute of French wine and a platter of cheese. To appease the sweet tooth visit the innumerable cafes and enjoy the coffee with a delicate piece of macaroon.

Paris is where even the air feels magical. Sprinkle a little bit of Parisian magic on you and make unforgettable travel memories.

Let's start planning your amazing trip to Paris, with a River Cruise on the beautiful Seine, or any other European travel you'd like to plan.

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