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How to eat like a local!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

When you travel, one of the highlights is most likely trying as many of the local foods you can. Well, at least that's me and my family - we are foodies! Take a look at these foods around the world to see what you need to try while at your destination!

We almost always start our day out at the bakery; boulangeri; bäckerei; bakkerij - And we've never made a bad or wrong decision by doing so!


Butter doesn’t count when it’s in a croissant, right? Okay maybe not. But you should still visit a bakery every day you are in France. From fresh croissants for breakfast to macarons for dessert, there is something so perfectly soothing about poking around local bakeries throughout the country. And they’re everywhere!

What city is calling you? Paris? Nice? Lyon? DM us today to chat about your France adventure!


From the birthplace of pizza in Naples to the street vendors in Venice and every city in between, you will find amazing pizza in Italy. Don’t bother straying from the traditional Italian dishes when visiting this beautiful country, each new pizza or pasta dish you order will not disappoint.

Beware the tuna pizza though, if your eyes mistake it for sausage your tastebuds will be shocked!

There are simply too many beautiful places to visit in Italy, let us help you decide what is the best trip for you, or design a travel plan that lets you hit them all.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner...late night snack... Arepas are so versatile they can be prepared for any of these meals. Arepas are small corn flour pitas stuffed with a variety of different ingredients including cheese, meat, and veggies. Is your mouth watering yet?

Well, since there is nothing more Caribbean than you in the Caribbean with an arepa (that’s how the saying goes, right?) let’s get you down to the islands to enjoy the local flavor! I know where to find the best shrimp arepas in the Caribbean.

Portuguese Tarts:

Portugal isn’t on your radar? Allow us to introduce you to the Portuguese Tart.

Pastel de Nata as they are called locally, these small egg and custard tarts are found around every corner in Portugal. In Lisbon, heading to Belem to try their very own Pastéis de Belem is a must.


Tacos are still a favorite menu item when traveling to Mexico! Skip the beans and rice and add another taco, because who can actually decide between chicken, carnitas or fish?

And guys, there’s way more to Mexico than just beautiful beaches! (Although we agree, we could escape to Tulum any day of the year.)

Let us show you a different side of the country on your next trip to Mexico.


Tortilla for breakfast, paella for lunch. Make sure you plan a siesta (or at least some quality downtime) after you dive into this traditional Spanish dish. We’re confident the seafood connoisseurs will be seriously impressed!

Can’t decide between visiting the nightlife of Madrid, beaches of Barcelona or culturally rich South of Spain? Call or email me and I'll talk you through all the options.


Keep trying America, nobody does Poutine like Canada. This may not be the most guilt-free dish in the country, but it is certainly one of the most delicious. How could anyone go wrong with fries topped with cheese and gravy? Yes, please!

Apple Strudel:

Dessert for breakfast? Definitely. Perhaps most popular in Austria, apple strudel can be found in bakeries across Eastern Europe and we are loving the thought of having this for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee.

Let us show you Vienna first, and then put you on a train to Salzburg for your very own Sound of Music experience. Call today for details on travel to Austria!

Fish and Chips:

Trust us, fish & chips tastes better across the pond! You can find this traditional English dish in nearly every pub across England. Usually served with a side of smashed peas, it goes great with a local English ale.

Call today to plan your trip to London or the English countryside.

Any or all of these can be yours to try today! Wouldn't we love that? I'm a huge fan of many of these, and I think you will be as well. Schedule a chat or email me today and we'll get your tastebuds ready for a treat.

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