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Jamaican Me Crazy

Nestled between Hanover and Westmoreland parishes at the western-most edge of Jamaica, Negril is a true Caribbean paradise with its pearly white-sand shoreline, dramatic cliffs, as well as a laidback ambiance.

1. Seven Mile Beach

The idyllic setting is perfect whether you want to take a scenic stroll along the beach, lie lazily on the soft sand and take in ocean views or venture out to try adrenaline-pumping activities such as Jet Ski rides – there’s something to impress every taste and preference.

2. Jamaica Cultural Tour

Jamaicans are the most hospitable people in the world, and they’ll whole-heartedly give you a glimpse into their country’s history, culture, and local herbs with their medicinal uses. Also, they love their reggae music and dancing, so you won’t even know where the next entertaining performance will come from.

3. Put your adventure side to test at Rick’s Café

If you don’t mind braving through the crowds, this place creates indelible memories for anyone who dares to overlook its popularity. Established in 1974, Rick’s Café is the oldest public Bar & restaurant, and among the favorite spots to watch magical sunsets in Negril.

In addition, it’s perched on some of the most rugged seaside cliffs in the region, which gives it a leg up as an unrivaled cliff-diving locale.

You can sit back and watch as avid as well amateur cliff divers take the plunge or if you’re a daredevil, join the show by launching yourself 35 –foot into the ocean.

4. Ivan’s Bar and restaurant

Although there are plenty of superb waterfront eateries lined up on Negril’s coastline, you may want to consider Ivan’s Bar and restaurant for that special event.

It’s a great place to sample out the most popular dishes on the island such as brown stew fish, jerk chicken, and curry goat.

Even if you’re not a foodie, be sure to visit in late afternoon hours for a mesmerizing sunset.

Negril Beach at sunset in the Winter

When you are ready to start planning your unique vacation, go ahead, and give me a shout! I can't wait to help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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