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9 Fun Facts about Budapest

Updated: Jun 12

#1 Budapest has an indiscriminate taste in Architecture. It's from Roman amphitheaters and Gothic-style cathedrals to traditional Turkish baths. A commonly used style in the downtown area is the Eclectic style. It's a well-favored style in the 19th Century when the downtown area was built. The eclectic style is a mix of older styles. Baroque style comes second in popularity. It's got a lot of distinct details, with beautiful, decorative windows and doors. The third one is the Gothic style - it is the usual style because a lot of churches and buildings followed this style. This is an ancient style, dating back to medieval times.

#2 Take a relaxing stroll downtown Budapest and appreciate the more shabby-chic feel of the inner VII District and its grittier neighbor in the VIII. Street art and murals adorning Budapest's on empty firewalls or on crumbling walls of old apartment blocks and office buildings will surely catch your interest as well. Here, you will appreciate graffiti as a work of art rather than just ordinary scribbles on the wall. It can be called iconic in its own right. Immerse your senses into the exciting firewall street art, and you will definitely find an art gem in the city. I'd love to help you plan your trip, so be sure to pick up the phone and call me or send me an email when you're ready to start planning.

#3 The fall weather is very much ideal for wandering around Budapest, especially since it’s a walking city. Strolling around allows you to discover the city's cozy cafés and restaurants offering their retreat if needed when temperatures cool down. Hoping to visit in the fall? Keep in mind that hotels and flights are more affordable at this time and you can use your savings to enjoy some of the great restaurants in the city. Many restaurants also offer goose and foie gras on their menu come fall especially in November because on the 11th is the feast of St. Martin. This day allows Hungarians to traditionally celebrate by eating goose dishes and drinking the season's first wine. Lastly, there are some festivals and events held in Budapest in the fall. I'd love to help you plan your trip, so be sure to call or email me when you're ready to start planning.

#4 The Best Sunset views in Budapest:

  • From the Riverside: You have an option to look for a comfortable bench to sit on, or you may also decide to take a stroll onto one of several bridges that span the magnificent Danube.

  • Széchenyi Thermals: Why don’t you relax in the hot spring waters while watching the sunset?

  • Margaret Island (Margit-Sziget): Savor the flower gardens or the singing fountain as the sun sets.

  • Fisherman's Bastion: Relax and sip a glass of wine in this romantic spot where a view of the beautiful sunset is an eyecatcher. On Castle Hill, it overlooks the city on one side and St. Matthias Church.

  • Academy of Sciences Park: Marvel at the beautiful architecture, the river view, and a beautiful sunset on Roosevelt tér while you sit at one of the park benches across the street.

  • The Sculptural Grounds at Buda Castle: Here you can spot the great statue called the Matthias Fountain.

#5 Best Souvenirs to buy in Budapest:

  • Hungarian paprika. Paprika is the best souvenir bet for food lovers. It’s easy to find and inexpensive plus it’s Hungary’s national spice and used just about everywhere in Hungarian cuisine.

  • Hungarian wine. It’s easy to find quality wines at wine shops and liquor stores in Budapest. Also, Hungary has 22 distinct wine regions and offers the full range, including reds, whites, roses, and sparkling wines.

  • Palinka. It is the generic name for a fiery-strong fruit brandy and also a universal specialty throughout Hungary,

  • Handmade embroidery. Due to a vibrant cultural heritage, Hungarians are incredibly proud of their needlework

  • Hand-painted porcelain. If you are into porcelain, it will be a known fact for you that Hungary produces one of the world’s most sought-after ceramics.

I’d love to help you plan your trip, so be sure to call or email me when you’re ready to start planning.

#6 Pursue a great holiday season experience in Budapest. It's one of Europe's most spectacular cities. Explore its famous Christmas markets, lots of sights to see, relaxing thermal baths (yes, even in the winter!), distinct ruin bars and much, much more — spending Christmas in Budapest will definitely stick to your top Holiday memory list! In Vorosmarty Square in the downtown area, you can find the most popular market of Budapest. Brimming with dazzling lights, colors, delightful smells, and countless shopping opportunities. Some 10 minutes away, you will find another spectacular market situated in St. Stephen's Square. You have to walk through the Advent gates to enter this market, also known as the Christmas or Advent Fair. Are you an adventurer? Make your way across the ice rink found in the center of the market. The rink is free for children up to 14-years-old. I'd love to help you plan your trip, so be sure to call/email me when you're ready to start planning.

Hungarian Parliament Fun Facts:

  • It is 268 m long, 118 m high, while its dome is at an imposing height of 96 m.

  • The total length of the stairs in the building reaches roughly 20 km.

  • It has 365 towers, representing every day of the year.

  • The Parliament in London inspired its design.

  • The entrance of the building is on the side of the square. Tourists may also come and visit, but they are allowed to do so only with a guide.

  • Parliament’s Congress Hall houses the painting of the most famous Hungarian painter of his time, Mihály Munkácsy.

  • There are a total of 242 sculptures on the interior and exterior walls of the Parliament.

  • The Hungarian Parliament Building is actually built using very soft limestone, which is easily destroyed.

#8 Budapest has an undeniably astounding mix of exceptional buildings, beautiful sights to see, including two UNESCO World Heritage sites (Andrassy Avenue and the Danube with the Buda Castle and the Parliament). There are also pampering-healing baths, the full range of museums, some churches, like the big Catholic Basilica, or the elaborate Jewish Synagogue, and of course the markets in Budapest – brimming with flavors and colors. Besides baths, museums, churches, and markets, however, there are some famous and popular tourist attractions in Budapest that are somewhat special architecturally or historically.

Just to mention a few of the buildings among the top tourist attractions:

● Buda Castle

● Hungarian National Museum

● Basilica of St Stephen

● Fisherman’s Bastion

● Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest

Getting around Budapest

A lot of people in Budapest using mass transit ride the bus daily. There are more or less 200 routes, and express buses with red number signs serve the busiest routes in the city.

Taking the Metro is the fastest way to get around Budapest, although underground journeys don't offer much in the form of sightseeing.

Danube River Ferry Service – The route provides a lovely commute for locals as well as a great way to get around and see the city from the Danube for visitors.

Budapest taxis can be quick and affordable in the city, especially late at night when there are limited options for public transportation.

Budapest has so much to offer - this is just a sample of what you can expect to enjoy and immerse yourself in while in Budapest, Hungary!

When you're ready to start your planning, let's chat. Your vacation planning should not be stressful, and you should have to worry about all of the intricate details failing perfectly in place - that's what I'm for!

Bon Voyage,

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