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Fairytale Castles and the French Countryside

Updated: Jun 14

When I hear Bordeaux – the first thing I think of is wine (of course)! The perfect place to visit timeless vineyards and delicious wine tastings, Bordeaux is the legendary wine capital of France.

If wine tasting isn’t for you, you can participate in walking city and museum tours, or how about an iconic bike tour of the French Bordeaux region?

A Bordeaux river cruise could include Bordeaux, Libourne, Blaye, Bourg, Pauillac, and Cadillac. No better way to experience the best of French lifestyle, wine, food, and culture.

Along the journey, the French countryside, small villages, and fairytale castles are what the Bordeaux wine region is all about.

The Chateau de Chambord can be seen by many as more of a city than a castle. Located in the Loire Valley of France. In the 14th and 15th Centuries, the Loire Valley was fashionable among the rich and royal.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this castle features 426 rooms, 77 staircases, 282 fireplaces, and laid out flat, the surface would cover an area the same size of all of Paris! It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Immerse in the Chateau experience by enjoying a horse and bird of prey show as they bring back the jousting combats of the Renaissance.

Or take a horse-drawn carriage ride - and if that's not your thing - how about a bike or a multi-person bike ride?

Plan on spending the day, then head out to enjoy the wine and cheese - it's a must while in the Bordeaux region.

There is no better way to see the French Countryside than on a river cruise. Call, text, or email me for a quick consultation on planning your unique vacation. Or, you can schedule a chat below!

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