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Marseille, France - and Madeleines - can't have one without the other!

Updated: Jun 14

Marseille, France

If you were looking for an exuberant cosmopolitan port city that’s captivating even to the most descending travelers, look no further than Marseille, France.

When we plan your trip to Marseille or your ocean cruise through Marseille, I have a few things you’ve got to check out. Take a look at this:

1. Madeleines

I can taste the buttery flavor as these melt in you mouth. Once you've had them, you'll never forget. Oh, and don't forget the Café Au lait (coffee with milk).

2. Cathedral de la Major

For an equally, stunning but lesser crowded (compared to Notre-Dame de la Garde) Roman Catholic Church, this would be a great option.

An architectural marvel, the colossal Cathédrale de la Major is a sight to behold with its gigantic domed towers.

The complex interiors include white & red marble banners and mosaic floors while the façade on its exterior boasts beautiful white and green horizontal-striped stones.

Built upon the ruins of a 12th-century temple, Cathedral de la Major was one of the largest Cathedrals established in the 19th century in Europe.

The first stone of the ‘new’ Cathedral was laid by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1852 and its construction went on for 40 years.

3. Old Port

The port was the heart of maritime activity for centuries and the trade from the sea was the backbone of the city’s economy.

Today, the port is filled with boats, fishermen, and still a significant source of Marseille’s income.

You can wind through the quays and take in the views of the sea, or sample the local seafood from one of the many cafés lined along the promenades.

There is also the Museum of Old Marseille just a few streets from the port where you can dig deep into the history of the Old Port and peruse through the collection of rare items retrieved from the sea.

4. Take a food Tour

No visit to Marseille would be complete without the taste of local delicacies. From Panisse and Bouillabaisse to Tapenade and the finest wine, Marseille is a foodies’ haven! You can take a food tour to make sure you have a taste of the most appreciated delicacies in the region.

5. Notre-Dame de la Garde

Photo courtesy of: Viktoriia Popova

Standing at Marseille’s highest point since the 19th century, Notre-Dame de la Garde is the most iconic attraction in the city and it’s the best example of the spectacular Neo-Byzantine style of architecture.

In addition to stunning interiors, the location of this catholic Basilica offers panoramic views of the port, the city, and the sea.

Standing at 150 m above sea level and overlooking Marseille, it takes a minute to absorb the grandeur of the bay beyond.

When you are ready to plan your fabulous trip to France – Give me a call, we can assemble the perfect trip for you.

Bon Voyage,

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