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Ocean Vs. River which is for you?

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

If you have ever cruised before, you know you either love it or hate it, right? I was so nervous for years to take a cruise because I have always been prone to motion sickness - let's just say I grew up on Dramamine, and having 7 siblings, I always got to sit by the window in the car - just in case!

Fortunately, as I grew older products became available to prevent motion sickness - and they do come in handy on ocean cruises.

So what really is the difference between an Ocean cruise vs. a River cruise? Well, motion for one. On an ocean cruise, you are out in the open waters, which are rough compared to a River cruise you are on a narrow body of water surrounded by land. This in turn reduces the motion of the vessel.

Like me, you may have been completely surprised when you first walked on a ship that holds upwards of 3500 people - a floating hotel, right? On a River cruise, you can expect the ship to hold less than 200 people. This means a more intimate group of people and more of a culture of friendliness and warmth.

Unlike a river cruise, an Ocean cruise keeps you very busy while on the ship, and you will have at least one or two "Sea" days, where you're on the ship all day, rather than in a port. I was completely surprised on my first cruise how busy we stayed on the sea days. River cruises do not have sea days.

On both an Ocean and a River cruise, you will experience different countries and breathtaking views. However, on a river cruise, you may actually see two countries at once!

Whether or not you're on an Ocean or a River cruise, you have the opportunity to disembark and enjoy, experience, and immerse in the destination. The biggest difference between the two is with a River cruise the excursions are almost always included in the price, and you have a choice of which excursions you want to join.

Although River cruises may seem to be more expensive when you book them, on an Ocean cruise you will have more expenses on the ship when it comes to entertainment (bingo was our jam), beverages, and excursions. While a River cruise includes everything in the upfront price.

Personally, I love both - They are two different experiences, each in its own special way.

When you're ready to start planning your Ocean or River cruise, please contact me and we'll get you started.

Bon Voyage,

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