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Ace in the Hole: Merge the Luxury of French Cruise with Legendary Golfing Experience!

Board on a charming river cruise traversing the picturesque Rhône and Saône rivers, a floating sanctuary oozing with luxury. As we set sail, wake up to a landscape that's constantly changing - filled with vineyards, lavender fields, historical sites, and mouth-watering French cuisine.

And for our golf aficionados, we have meticulously handpicked five renowned golf courses for an unparalleled golfing experience. Courses include the sprawling landscapes of Golf de la Bresse, the fairway waltz of Golf de Beaune Levernois, the holiday favorite La Grande Motte, the al fresco oasis of Golf de Servanes, and the stunning parklands of Golf de la Valdaine. With landscapes that gasp for your attention, these golf courses are as illustrious as the landscapes they are nestled in.

This unique voyage is an exciting blend of laid-back cruising, gastronomic delights and golfing galore, promising you not just a holiday, but a lively French adventure. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to tee off your French golf voyage!

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