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German Beer, Chocolate and Culture, Oh My! Cologne isn't just perfume!

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Do you want to take a break from a busy work schedule and cruise on a city trip? Cologne with its laid-back vibe and fusion of traditional & modern city life is the best fit for you. Located by the left bank of the Rhine river, it is the fourth most populous city of Germany, and it is famous for the right reasons.

Cologne served as a military headquarters in World War II which caused both cultural and demographic loss. Many notable city attractions were destroyed however, we can still see glimpses of the marvelous architectural wonders of old times. Various galleries, museums, and cathedrals offer a peek into history and let people admire Cologne’s pivotal role in the chapters of history.

Visiting Cologne via the Rhine River and capturing the aesthetic views behind the lens might be the most alluring attraction of your trip. The people of Cologne are ready to warmly welcome you with their placid attitude and their famous 11 golden rules of spending a peaceful life.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s roll in.

Cologne, Germany River Cruise - photo compliments of
Cologne, Germany River Cruise

1. Take a cruise trip

Harbor tours are the most mesmerizing highlight of the town as it offers the most picturesque views of Cologne. Starting the trip from Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer, the trip takes you through cathedrals in the old town, the yummilicious chocolate factory, the German sports & Olympics museum, and finally ending at the former fishing village of Rodenkirchen. There are also four Rhine bridges along the journey to offer an aesthetic view of the city during your cruise trip.

Cologne Cathedral, Germany Photo compliments of emrecan-arik -
Cologne, Germany Cathedral - River Cruise

2. Cologne Cathedral

Regarded as one of the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ‘Kolner Dom’ or ‘Cologne Cathedral’ stands proudly as two towers reaching a height of 515 feet. Since its construction in 1248, it remained the world’s tallest building until 1884.

It serves as a symbol of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture. Various generations took their part in its construction until its present form today. Various celebrated works of art in the cathedral include the High Altar, Shrine of the Three Kings, Gero Kreuz, Mailander Madonna, and Stone Tablets.

3. Galleries & Museum

Cologne hosts an artistic collection of astonishing art pieces carved out of an enchanting amalgam of traditional and modern art forms. Out of a diverse array of museums and galleries in Cologne, Ludwig Museum is undoubtedly the most celebrated one. It showcases the true colors of Pop Art, Abstract Art, and Surrealism. It holds the exemplary works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Cologne is a city famous for its football team and what can be the best way to relish the history of sports in Cologne than visiting the Sports & Olympics Museum. The museum is lit up with more than 3000 exhibition artifacts. The core agenda of the museum is to collect, store, and preserve historically important marvels. Most of the exhibits are non-permanent, however, the first floor is filled with permanently displayed items such as medals, posters, and sports equipment & attire.

Decadent chocolate cake you can find at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany
Decadent chocolate cake you can find at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany Photo courtesy of: huzeyfe-turan,

4. Chocolate Museum

Who does not love chocolate? And what if we offer you a reservoir of chocolate where you can eat, play, and live with chocolate? Cologne Chocolate Museum is a quite distinct museum of its kind where visitors are treated with the process of chocolate formation, followed by experiencing handcrafted chocolate in the chocolate workshop and a detailed history of chocolate since old times.

Do not miss out on Chocolate Studio where you get a chance to customize your favorite eating treat. Chocolate Grand Café and Chocolate shop are there for you to feast yourself with your favorite chocolate dish and buy some for your loved ones.

5. Kolsch Beer

Another reason for Cologne's popularity among the visitors is the unmatchable taste of its locally produced Kolsch beer. It is brewed locally in Cologne and is served in beautiful Kolsch glasses to beer lovers. Kolsch is allured for its fresh taste, less sugar & malt, and low carbonic acid content which make it light and easy on the stomach. There are many Brauhauser (beer houses) dotted across the city. They are named in local dialect so consider taking help from a local in identifying one.

Please contact me if you have any questions - When you're ready to start planning your next trip - I'm here to help!

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