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D&D - Danube and Durnstein

There is something phenomenal about small towns, and Durnstein Austria isn’t an exception. With a population of barely 1000 residents, this town delivers a laidback relaxed vibe, rich culture, and unrivaled quaintness.

Durnstein has vineyards, castles, and a historic character – perfect ingredients for an extraordinary tourist destination! Here are some of the best experiences to indulge in;

1. Durnstein Castle Ruins

If you’re a history chauvinist you probably already know why Durnstein Castle ruins is one of the most popular attractions in the Wachau Valley. The Castle was constructed between 1140 and 1145.

However, it’s an event that took place years later that has given this ruins unfading fame – one of the most acclaimed Kings of England, King Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned within its walls for almost a year.

Today, the old ruins are perched on the rocky mountain top overlooking the valley and the Danube River.

If you enjoy hiking and you’re in reasonable shape, the trail offers a steep hike that’s finally rewarded with spectacular views of the town as well as the surrounding areas.

2. Visit the Blue Tower of the Abbey Church

Established in the 13th century, Dürnstein Abbey has gone through numerous alterations and renovations over the years.

The tower of the church, which happens to be the most elegant part of the complex, was erected in the 17th century.

With its distinctive blue and white colors, this tower has become a notable landmark in the region.

3. Stroll around the town

The true allure of this town is exposed once you venture out to explore its compact pathways.

Unlike most European river cruise docking locations, the streets of Durnstein aren’t overrun by tourists so winding through the charming narrow paths can be a great pursuit.

Every street leads you to old, well-maintained historic complexes, murals, and interesting local eateries.

Walking around the town is also one of the best ways to mingle with the friendly locals and have an authentic Durnstein experience.

4. Taste the local specialties

Wachau region produces some of the best wines in Austria and what a better way to spend an afternoon in Durnstein than in a winery, sampling some of the finest drinks in Europe?

There are lots of wineries along Unterloiben, which is just a short stroll away from the town.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to learn the production process and you can also taste the wine directly from the source!

There are also plenty of wine taverns dotted along the streets of Durnstein where you can just grab a bottle and leave, in case you’re not interested in a wine tour.

Let's start to plan your trip to Durnstein, along the Danube! Send me an email, or schedule a chat below! Looking forward to talking to you and helping you plan the memories that you'll share forever.

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