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Europe - So Many Rivers So Little Time

So many rivers, so little time. Did you know that you can cruise more than 10 rivers in Europe, in addition to internal waterways? From Bulgaria to the Netherlands, and at least 13 countries in between, you can be up close and personal with rich culture, bustling cities, glorious countryside, and a panoramic view of amazing architecture.

Each European river cruise offers a unique experience. Capital cities, diverse landscape and picturesque regions. If you’re looking for a journey rich in art, and cultural landscape, the Danube has so much to offer. But don’t stop there, the Rhine, Seine, Duoro, Main, Moselle, etc. have a lifelong list of experiences to be had.

Are you a foodie like me? Find your croissants in France, perogies in Poland, gelato in Italy, or your Swedish meatballs in Sweden (much better than Ikea, I’m sure). Yes, you can do all of this on river cruises.

As you cruise down the Danube, you’ll find UNESCO sites abound (United Nations Education, Science, and Cultural Organization) as a humanitarian effort to ensure all cultures are available for all people.

And imagine the romantic pass by the Eiffel Tower on the Seine! Ok now, I must run I have some planning to do!

Feel free to DM/PM, or Email, me if you have any questions about planning your trip!

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