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Luxembourg - Yes, a real Country

Do you remember hearing for the first time where your ancestors originated? I do, and I remember thinking "what kind of a place is that?" As a child growing up in So. California, I had no idea what it meant when my Mom told me we were from Luxembourg - and as time went on we realized it was just easier to say we were German.

Hoooooold ON - Not so fast - Luxembourg has a lot to offer - after all, it's German and French. Therefore, now I am proud to say I'm from Luxembourg! A 998 sq. mile country! Check out this "German" food I had as a child!

As a child I always loved it when Mom made schnitzel. Much like fried chicken it is just as good cold as it is warm. However, what I remember most is her hammering out the pork with a soda bottle (she didn't have the fancy hammers like we have). I kind of felt like she made schnitzel when she was stressed, just so she could hammer something out! Schnitzel can be made with pork, chicken, and veal - we always had pork. It went so well with mashed potatoes when hot, and potato salad on a picnic.

A true treasure of the Schengen, Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage City and one of the three European Union Capitals. Luxembourg, meaning “the little fortress,” is one of the smallest and richest countries in the world. At the same time, the beauty of the country and the city is that it doesn’t make you feel like an outsider. The perfectly walkable city has much to explore and because of its size, you can do it all in one perfect day trip!

Palace of the City

The main palace of the city is one that you just can’t miss. The Palais Grand-Ducal, or Palace of the Grand Duke, is where the Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg live. Originally built as the first city hall of Luxembourg, the palace is a royal treat for the eyes on the outside and even more elegant on the inside. From mid-July to the end of August, visitors can take a guided tour inside to explore the interiors and the architecture that has stood since 1572.

Pass by the Passerelle

For one of the widest views of the city, head to the Passerelle, also known as the Luxembourg Viaduct. The viaduct overlooks the entire city, giving you a clear view of the rest of your activities for the day. From here, you can see that the city is divided into two parts - upper and lower. The upper old town is where you will find intricate streets full of museums and palaces. The lower part of town, also known as “The Grund” is the place for restaurants, bars and picturesque canals.

The Grund

The lower district of the city has the atmosphere of a small village and an urban center all at the same time. Its beautifully preserved historic architecture sprinkled with new businesses give the area an inviting and lively feel. During the day, it is a perfect place to have a casual stroll to enjoy the calming landscape and notice the detailing of the buildings around you. At night, it is the trendy place to be for dinner and drinks.

Place D’Arms

Just above The Grund is the Ville Haute (literally meaning “high city”) where you can wander around the Place D’Arms, the main square of the city. The bustling center nestled within Neoclassical and French Baroque-inspired buildings gives the quintessential European city square vibe. It is also a perfect place to get your shopping fix, complete with a Galleries Lafayette and and the Royal Hamilius Mall and the latest retail brands.

Parcs de la Pétrusse

If you haven’t realized by now, this city is the perfect place to get all your steps in. Lush greenery surrounds nearly the entire southern and western part of the Ville Haute and provides the perfect place to wind down the day with a walk in the park. The Parcs de la Pétrusse are home to some of the most romantic surroundings in the city. Remains of medieval ruins run alongside walking trails and slopes and the soft waters of the Pétrusse creek. Head to the Pont Adolphe (Adolphe Bridge), considered the “new bridge” built well after the Passerelle, to experience one of the great symbols of the city’s independence.

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