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Retirement Life

"Retirement is the withdrawal from one's position or occupation or from one's active working life." (Wikipedia). In most countries, the possibility of retirement is of recent origin, coming about in the late 19th century, and Germany was the first country to introduce retirement benefits in 1889.

If you're wondering why retirement is such a (relatively speaking) recent concept, you may look at life expectancy. For example, in 1900 the World's life expectancy was under 30 years old. in 2018, that number rose to over 70 years young.

So, let' get back to the subject matter - More than 50% of people polled stated they want to travel when they retire. That is second, only to spending time with their grandchildren. This is great news - because you can do both. Travel and take the grandchildren - or both, a little of each.

So what exactly are the benefits of traveling after retirement? When you have the flexibility to travel, pretty much any time of year, you can stretch your travel dollar. And you know what that means, you can go more often, or you can stay longer. And honestly, who doesn't like either one of those options? Even if you are retired on a fixed income, these amazing experiences are within your reach.

If you are thinking about two weeks in Tuscany; three weeks in Rome; or two weeks in each, no matter where your bucket list takes you (with or without the grands) we can collaborate together to ensure your retirement years are exactly what you dreamed of.

Many times people are a little apprehensive about retirement. Yes, it sets you into the next phase of life......You get married, have kids (not necessarily in this order), buy a house, maybe change jobs, purchase a car (or three), send the kids to collage, then get used to having the kids gone, then maybe retire. When you retire, what do you have to look forward to? ALOT! Having a trip to look forward is extremely good for your mental health. After all, don't we all want to have something to look forward to? And with retirement, no discounts are left behind. I'm proud to take my 55+ discounts.

Schedule a quick 15 min. chat (or email me by responding to this email )to see where and how to get started.

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