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Top Things to Experience in Copenhagen

Updated: 6 days ago

Copenhagen is one of the absolute most amiable cities in the world. It's full of vibrancy wherever you go.

While it is possible to see a lot that the capital city has to offer in just a day or so, you won't want the time you have to spend there to be so fleeting.

Once you get wrapped up in the city's charm, history, and culture, you may never want to leave.

To make sure you take in all that you can during your visit, here is a list of the top experiences you shouldn't miss out on.

1. Tivoli Gardens

This exciting theme park is fun for all ages.

2. Nyhavn

Don't miss the chance to see the bright and colorful 17th-century homes along the waterfront.

3. The Little Mermaid Statue

This statue was created in 1913 by sculptor Edvard Eriksen as a tribute to Hans Christian Andersen.

4. Strøget

Explore this 0.69-mile shopping area designated to pedestrians.

5. Christiansborg Palace

The gold details and meticulous architecture of this palace will leave you awe-struck.

6. Christiania

This historic region is full of art, culture, friendly locals, music venues, and organic shops.

7. Rosenborg Castle

Built by Christian IV in the 1600s, this palace is a must-see!

8. Try Danish Cuisine

Cheese, eggs, pastries, seafood, and fish are popular foods in Copenhagen.

Smørrebrød - an open faced sandwich you won't believe;

Frikadeller - Danish meatballs made with minced pork and slightly smashed;

Stegt flæsk - Seasoned and fried pork breast, served with boiled potatoes with parsley sauce. (This says ME all over it)

Tartlets - Not to be confused with the sweet tartlets we are always looking for. Danish tartlets are savory - think chicken pot pie.

Copenhagen will leave you with memories of a lifetime, so make sure you explore as much of the city as you can!

You may not often think about visiting Copenhagen - but these are some very good reasons why you should - Not to mention taking a Mediterranean cruise!

DM/PM, email, call, or text to get started with your complimentary consultation on how you can Experience the World your way.

Bon Voyage,

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