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Vienna - More than Schonbrunn and Schnitzel

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Vienna at night.  Photo credit: Jacke Dylag Unsplash
Vienna, Austria at night

Have you ever even thought about going to Vienna? Well I have! Beethoven and Mozart? Are you kidding me?

One time I ran a 5K called Beat Beethoven - You had to run the 5K in less than the time they could play Beethoven's 5th Symphony. It's a good thing that it is 36:20, otherwise I wouldn't have made it - For those of you that know me, you know I'm not a stellar athlete, but I do like to exercise.

A most majestic city, Vienna is one of the greatest gems along the Danube. The birthplace of Beethoven and Mozart, it is no surprise that this incredible Austrian capital breeds genius.

Besides the famous Hofburg and Schonbrunn Palace, here are a few breathtaking spots that will make your trip all the more exciting (and help you avoid crowds!)

Explore the MAK (Museum of Applied Art)
Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna, Austria

With a plethora of museums all over the city, the “Museum für Angewandte Kunst” or Museum of Applied Art, offers a unique experience of contemporary art and architecture. Collections on topics like climate modernity and communication technology are exhibited beside their permanent collection of global tapestries and statement furniture. As innovative as Vienna itself, the museum has a Design Lab that explores how design affects our behaviors and functions as well as virtually guided tours on its app.

Go “Heurigen-Hopping” along the city’s famous vineyards

Heurigen Hopping - Bar Hopping, Vienna, Austria
Heurigen (Tavern) Hopping, Vienna, Austria

“We don’t get the busloads of tourists here, and that’s how we like it,” according to a Heurigen owner at Stammersdorfer Kellergasse, a street of wine cellars tucked along vineyards right outside the city center. Easily accessible via public transport, the Stammersdorfer Kellergasse offers local wines, meats and spreads to fill your tummy and your soul. Some are known for a special in-house wine or a particular spread, bread, or cold cut. Some are self-service and will call your order on a loudspeaker. Some will treat you like a guest in their own home. Either way, each Heurigen has its own unique flair!

Experience the vibrancy of Yppenplatz

Yppenplatz (Hippie) Square
Brunnenmarkt - Yppenplatz Square, Vienna, Austria

Yppenplatz Square is Vienna’s most happening district. Just like it sounds, the square is filled with hip “yuppies” that bring an exciting energy to the daily happenings of the neighborhood. The Brunnenmarkt is the lifeblood of this district, boasting more than 170 market stalls of local vendors selling everything from the freshest local vegetables to artisanal meats, breads and cheeses. Unique vinotheques (wine bars) and restaurants like Wetter (which used to be a laundrette) will give you access to some of the city’s newest chefs and restaurateurs.

Taste the city’s best Buchteln at Cafe Hawelka

Vienna, Austria Buchten
Buchtein (Sweet Yeast rolls) Vienna, Austria

Beyond the many classic foods named after Vienna - Wienerschnitzel, Wiener Wurstel, Viennese coffee - is BuchteIn. These pillowy soft and sweet yeast buns are filled with jam (often plum or apricot) and are sure to fill your heart. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, you can also find ones filled with vanilla custard. The best place for Buchteln (pronounced as boogh-teln) happens to be smack dab in the middle of the city at Cafe Hawelka in Stephenplatz.

Although Vienna is considered one of the smaller European cities in terms of size, its mix of history, food, architecture and youthful energy makes for an undoubtedly dreamy vacation spot. It can be the perfect stopover along a Danube cruise or a full-fledged getaway all on its own!

Book your next fairytale European vacation to Vienna and other stunning cities by contacting me or scheduling a chat below!

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