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You Don't Need Global Entry: Here's Why

Hey there, fellow travelers! Have I got some juicy information for you today that can make your trips smoother and, believe it or not, a bit more tech-savvy. You’ve probably heard all the buzz about TSA Pre-Check, it’s like the VIP pass of the airport - getting you through security faster, with shoes on and laptops packed away. Worth the price of admission?  Perhaps, if you travel multiple times a year.  

What if I told you there’s a trick up the sleeve that could get you through customs even quicker, without the need for Global Entry? Fasten your seatbelts; I’m about to let you in on the smart secret of the Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app.

First, Let’s Chat TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry: The Airport Fast Passes.

Before diving into our secret, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry - two programs that have been helping travelers streamline their airport experience.

- TSA Pre-Check:

  - Keep your shoes, belt, and light jackets on at security.

  - Liquids and laptops stay packed away.

  - Access to shorter, quicker lines.

- Global Entry:

  - Expedited clearance through customs when entering the USA.

  - Includes TSA Pre-Check benefits.

  - Skip the paperwork and head to kiosks for processing.

Both sound pretty great, right? They absolutely are, especially for frequent flyers. If you’re striving to just get through security quicker - the TSA Pre-Check might be right for you.  However, for Global Entry, the application process, fees, and wait times for approval could be a bit of a hiccup, not to mention that not everyone flies enough to make the most out of the membership.

Now for the Juice: The Mobile Passport Control (MPC) App

Here’s where the game changes. Imagine skipping long lines at passport control after a long flight without needing Global Entry. Enter the MPC app, a free mobile app that offers a blend of convenience and speed, harnessing the power of technology to make your reentry into the USA as smooth as your favorite Italian gelato.

The MPC app lets you submit your passport and customs declaration information through your smartphone. And then, thanks to biometric technology, you often don’t even need to show your physical passport. Just scan the QR code from your app at the designated MPC line, stand in front of the camera, and voila, you’re through passport control quicker than you can say “Welcome back!”

Why the MPC App Might Just Be Your New Best Travel Buddy:

- No Pre-Approval Hassles: Forget about interviews or waiting periods.

- Cost-Efficient: It’s free. Yes, you heard right.

- Speedy Processing: Often faster than Global Entry in practice.

Not All Airports, But Maybe Yours

It’s important to note that not all USA international airports are equipped with the MPC program, so it’s a good idea to check if your airport supports it before relying on it for your return journey. As of now, the list of airports welcoming you back via MPC includes:

Atlanta (ATL)

Boston (BOS)

Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

Denver (DEN)

Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

Honolulu, HI

Houston (both airports)

Los Angeles (LAX)

Miami (MIA)

Minneapolis (MSP)

Newark (EWR)

New York JFK (JFK)

Oakland (OAK)

Orlando (MCO)

Philadelphia (PHL)

Phoenix Skyharbor (PHX)

Pittsburgh (PIT)

Portland (PDX)

Sacramento (SMF)

Salt Lake City (SLC)

San Diego (SAN)

San Juan (SJU)

San Francisco (SFO)

San Jose (SJC)

Seattle (SEA)

Tampa (TPA)

In addition to the US airports offering MPC, there are additional international airports that pre-clear you in their country prior to boarding your flight to the USA, and they offer MPC.  Those airports include:


Aruba (AUA)

Dublin, Ireland (DUB) 

Shannon, Ireland (SNN)

Bermuda (BDA)

Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates; (AUH)

Nassau, Bahamas (NAS)











Wrapping It Up

So, do you really need TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry? While they offer undeniable benefits, especially for the frequent flyer, the MPC app provides a compelling alternative for jet-setters looking to shorten wait times getting through US Customs without any additional cost or preparation. Technology is reshaping the way we travel, and the MPC app is proof that sometimes, the smartest shortcuts are right at our fingertips.

Stay savvy and smooth on your travels, and remember, Gotta Luv Travel, is always here to help make your travel experiences as enjoyable as possible. Safe travels, and here’s to embracing the future of travel together!

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